The Bluegrass Band from Sweet Tooth!

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We were excited and honoured to be playing for the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). We couldn't travel to Nashville to be among our bluegrass brethren but we still enjoyed being part of IBMA Navigating the Digital Jungle, and we can share it with you. Just click and enjoy!

“A debut album that has its heart in Americana and sounds like it has been fed from the same well that Dylan and especially The Band tapped into in the late Sixties in Woodstock, New York. Traditional Irish and Scottish music adding in ingredients of Jazz, Swing and Blues to make it sound simultaneously contemporary and timeless.”

“Deep within the matryoshka doll that is the country genre is a bluegrass doll in cosplay. Sitting on the fire escape of a rundown apartment building, dry buck wheat stem between its teeth, and a rock band shirt, progressive bluegrass is the genre that ran away from its home in the Appalachians and fell in with a different crowd. Appropriate then, to find it all the way down here beneath our southern skies, as far from home as one could possibly be.

Safe in the hands of local practitioners You, Me, Everybody, bluegrass may not be the same kid that left their mountain town, but they haven’t forgotten their roots.

With their sweet vocal harmonies, and call-and-answer style instrumental licks, You, Me, Everybody’s first full-length album Southern Sky is the sojourn through forgotten regions of the human soul.”